Saturday, 17 March 2018

Are we humans really global??

I often wonder whether we humans are truely global citizens?
                         We are born and spend our early childhood among a few people . We make more acquaintances during our school and college days; and still more in our adulthood.

                 But, at a given point of time in our life , we are close to hardly a few people. These few people are the ones who really matter to us. We are connected to hundreds of people in this social networking age . But, are we really close to hundreds our 'online friends' and do we really care about them?

              At the end of day, we get companionship,love and reassurance from  the  closest few people in our life.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

the beggining of penning my thougts

I am in approaching the median of fourth decade of my life. I feel like talking to someone, but I do not get that lucky!
        Today is pretty dry in shimla. I am feeling aimlessly relaxed.I feel like watching a movie right now.  Adieu .

"I am a person who stammers . I try not to carry the emotional baggage :) "